Your bottom line is getting the best quality for the least amount of money, and I understand that.

My bottom line is producing fabulous music to enhance your project and take it to the next level. 

My rates are very competative and my approach to doing business is always negotiable.

We both know when everything runs smoothly, the production process is a joy to experience, yet we are also aware things don't always turn out quite as planned.

When that happens, here are a few things to be aware of before we open negotiations. 

Imagine you have three options, but you can pick only two:



This pairing is probably the most expensive because to create good quality music, and I'm assuming you want quality, it takes time, and if time is not available, it takes manpower, and people need paying. 

For example, it may be possible to turn a full length feature score around in about 2 weeks, but the additional manpower to make this happen will be costly.


This is a great option if you don't have a looming deadline. This option allows me to take on other work while still working on your project. Additionally, the more finances you can provide up front, then the more concentrated I can be on your project.

It also allows for more money to be brought into the project as it becomes available, speeding the process up.


Before you chose this option, consider the following: you will get what you pay for, and the quality may simply not be possible if there is a turnaround requirement which means corners have to be cut. 

In general, because I take pride in delivering high quality work, this option is not usually one I will work with, although exceptions exist.