Below you can find examples of my work, from single cues covering a range of genres, to albums containing entire scores from completed short films or television episodes. 

Highlights and Selections: a chocolate-box of genres to listen to...

This selection of works covers a wide range of genres. Some are from the albums found lower down, others are one off pieces for projects.

Please note that the song Heartless is a cover from the original by The Twisters. I produced and arranged this version for the film Unorthodox. If you have time to compare, you might be surprised by the difference! Listen to the original here.

Becoming Lucy: music from the award winning short film

Becoming Lucy tells the story of how Lucille Ball created her beloved character Lucy Ricardo. From Lucille's failed start in New York modelling and then trying to get work as a dancer, to her move to Hollywood and her ultimate success, the music captures the spirit of each life-section while accompanying the drama, nostalgia, and bravery of what she did.

UNORTHODOX: music from the award winning short film

Yankel is approaching his Bar Mitvah. Until then, he is taught, his father will be punished for any sins he commits. When his father hits his older brother, Yankel decides he is going to get revenge by breaking some rules and seeing what God will do.

In this coming of age story with comedic undertones, the music reflects the setting alongside the tensions and tenderness in the story.

Dreams of Solace: music from the acclaimed short film

This silent short follows the lives of two seperate people as they each go through their own personal tragedy. When they first see each other across a station platform a new destiny unfolds. They meet, first in their dreams, but will they meet in life and find solace from their hurts?

With all silent films, the music has to manage so much of the story telling, yet without becoming melodramatic. I kept the score simple yet evocative of the pains while balancing it with the nostalgia and hope reflected in the drama.