Of all the aspects of filmmaking that concern a director, often it is the music which generates the most palpitations. 

Relax, I'm here to make it as easy and as smooth for you as possible, and I love the journey we're about to embark on. 

Directors come to me with a huge range of understanding of music, from knowing virtually nothing to accomplished musicians, and all are welcome. 

More importantly, often by the time you reach me, your project is all you've been working on for months, possibly even years, and now you're approaching someone and asking them to add the finishing touches to it using a language that is often a complete mystery to you. 

Perhaps you know what you like, but don't always know how to ask for it. Maybe you have ideas about what you want, or have been hearing existing music while shooting or editing the scenes, and now want something similar. Or perhaps you're open to something completely different and open to a new lease of life on your ideas from a different source. 

Well, breathe, you need worry no more. I'm here to translate your internal audio vision into something real, something that will add the dimensions to your characters and story while binding the film even more together. I will help bring out the true emotions of individual scenes, be they dramatic, comic, thrilling, or whatever aspect is required.

So why not let's grab a coffee or a drink of some sort and let's discuss your project to see how I can help you enhance it even more.

You can contact me via the details provided here, and feel free to take a look at my IMDB page: