My main passion and focus has always been composing and conducting, especially for film and television, hence my education path has taken me through a first degreee at Surrey University, Roehampton Institute where I gained a BA with Honours in Music with Business Studies. This was later followed by a Professional Diploma in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music and then the University of Southern California's Graduate Certificate in Scoring for Motion Pitcures and Television. I have also been writing and directing music for musical theatre, stage plays, concert hall, and choirs since 1993. My music has been heard and performed internationally, and in 2012 I began Sonic Maestros, a music production company for media, (film, tv, etc,) and health (including rowing and training). It's through this company that I am able to live and work in the USA. 

Like very many composers, while my focus is writing music, I also have other skills which are available to help your project. I orchestrate and arrange, music edit and place temp scores to rough cuts, mix sound, and record ADR. I am also a trained conductor with a large amount of experience in studio, concert hall, choral music, and musical theatre.

Current projects include a new score for the short film “Give and Take”; the feature film “Ring of Five” slated to go into production in the next 8-12 months; “The Ghost Rig”, a feature length supernatural thriller currently in development; and two feature length presentations for “Love Never Fails World Charity” - an action drama and a documentary which are designed to raise money and awareness about the serious problem of child sex trafficking rife in Thailand and the surrounding areas. I am also working with Mark Hollman, the Tony award-winning composer of "Urine Town" orchestrating and arranging the music for his next big Broadway and West End hit.

If you have a project and would like to engage my services, please contact me via the details at the top of this page. I am based in Los Angeles.

You can check out my IMDB page here:

I have had a varied musical career which began aged around 4 when I had my first piano lessons, followed a few years later by the addition of clarinet lessons. It was my first piano teacher who started my interest in composing, having me write pieces when I was still only 5 years old. I won a music scholarship to my high school, Ampleforth College, located in the North of England.

In 2012 I was bestowed the title "Chevalier", which translates as "Sir", in recognition of my charitable and social works, a great honor for which I am truly humbled.

I am lucky to have two passions in life which I am able to follow, and in 1997 I began coaching rowing, or crew as my American colleagues refer to it. What I love is that this provides me with something completely different through which I recharge my being. Yet, while seemingly unconnected, this has now begun to entwine itself to my music career with the development of Sonic Active, a subsidiary of Sonic Maestros which specializes in purpose-built music and analytical tools to improve a rower’s performance. More can be found out by visiting the Sonic Active site: My focus is still writing film and television music, and this happens to add a nice addition to my skill set.